Dear members of the Earthshot community, Earthshot Labs has added many new faces to our team over the past year and we are continuing to build a…

November 2022

Join us for Nature X Carbon SF tomorrow and catch up on The Earthshot Podcast.

October 2022

Podcast, event and film updates!
Dear Earthshot allies and friends, You could see it on their faces. Thanks for reading Earthshot Labs! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and…

September 2022

Connect with us on our new podcast & two upcoming events
Becoming fluent in the language of planetary scale regeneration

August 2022

Science, SF & NY meetups, Climate Justice, and Project Investments

April 2022

Dear Earthshot friends and allies, The world has changed in a multitude of nuanced ways; record temperatures in Antarctica, war between Ukraine and…

January 2022

Updates from an incredible year, and a look ahead for Earthshot Labs

July 2021

Plus our thoughts on carbon land arbitrage, a hike in the bay area, and our weekly welcome call
Bay Area Gathering, Climate Sangha, and LandOS essay
As always, a moment of coherence each week in the climate movement