Dear Earthshot friends and allies, The world has changed in a multitude of nuanced ways; record temperatures in Antarctica, war between Ukraine and Russia, pending SEC regulations requiring climate disclosures. And yet our team remains centered and optimistic, witnessing an…
Updates from an incredible year, and a look ahead for Earthshot Labs
Plus our thoughts on carbon land arbitrage, a hike in the bay area, and our weekly welcome call
Bay Area Gathering, Climate Sangha, and LandOS essay
As always, a moment of coherence each week in the climate movement
We're piloting LandOS on 4 million acres and raising $5m
Dear earthshot community, We’ve got some amazing events coming up! Please join if you feel the call to dive deeper in any of these research areas, or…
Gregory Landua will share about COSMOS SDK and how to become a stakeholder and collaborator on the new ecological blockchain
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